Tongkat Ali Extract 200:1

Tongkat Ali Extract 200:1

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    S$ 129.00

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    My Sex life has never felt so healthy and so good!

    400mg extracted from 80000mg of Wild Aged Red Tongkat Ali
    🔥Highly Concentrated, Ultra Potency, Super Premium
    💯All Natural Ingredients, Safe and Effective
    No Chemical, No Side Effects

    Prfect for people who:
    ☑️ Boost Male Libido & Increase Energy
    ☑️Improved Sexual Drive & Performance
    ☑️Increased Stamina & Duration During Intercourse 
    ☑️ Raising your Metabolism 
    ☑️Enhanced Physical & Mental Performance 
    ☑️Increased Muscles Mass From Working Out
    ☑️Decrease In Mental Fatigue & Exhaustion 

     Provides overall support for  men's health 

    Our Product Quality Assurance
    ️Made in Singapore
    ️Undergoes 3rd Party Testing
    ️GMP Certified Suitable for Vegetarian
    ️Products Carried by TCM Stores in Singapore
    💯Made with 100% Natural Ingredients
    No Chemicals
    No Fillers
    No Side Effects

    👑100% NATURA SUPPLEMENT FOR MEN – This supplement provides you with more stamina, confidence, improved circulation, muscle growth, as well as to improve male sexual performance

    🌿The ingredient in LongJack can support improved mood, sex drive, and overall zest for life

    Tongkat Ali root extract in 200:1 ratio. The most potent and powerful Tongkat Ali on the market


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    🔥 NATURAL TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER : Natural supplement to boost your testosterone level and vitality. Maintains your sex drive that plummets as you age. Improves your energy level, muscle mass, boosts athletic performance and physical strength

    Our 200:1 Tongkat Ali is made of 100% Wild Raw Red Tongkat Ali. 80,000mg of raw herbs are refined and extracted into 400mg capsule. It is extremely concentrated and ultra-potent.