Is Tongkat Ali an Effective Testosterone Booster?
Tongkat Ali appears to be an effective and natural way to boost testosterone

Active adults, especially men are looking for healthier ways to boost testosterone levels to enhance libido, increase lean mass and improve athletic performance. Alternative medicine continues to grow as an effective option to accomplish these goals.

Tongkat Ali (TA), also known as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, is a medicinal plant shown to increase testosterone along with other health benefits.



Studies have shown testosterone supplementation to be beneficial for fat loss, increased muscle, strength, and improved sexual function.1 However, prescribed and even over the counter testosterone supplements can come with adverse health effects partly due to their being abused by athletes and bodybuilders.

Tongkat Ali (TA), similar to the flowering plant Tribulus, appears to be an effective and natural way to boost testosterone. Several studies on humans and animals have examined TA as beneficial for male sexual disorders.

It’s also shown to help increase energy levels, improve aging, reduce anxiety, provide stress relief and reduce the risk of certain cancers. TA is said to help men and women with lowered testosterone levels and struggling with the following:

  • Decreased libido

  • Anorgasmia

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Reduced stamina

  • Decreased muscle mass

  • Inability to reduce body fat

  • Plateau in muscle building

Many of the above conditions were significantly improved with Tongkat Ali according to research.


What Makes Tongkat Ali Effective?

Tongkat Ali (TA) is an herbal medicinal plant originating in Malaysia. The valuable bio-active contents of this flowering plant are contained within the roots. Compounds are extracted from the roots and used in traditional herbal medicine. 

An article published in the Pharmacognosy Review indicated Tongkat Ali (TA) contains a group of compounds called quassinoids. Quassinoids are molecules extracted from plants having therapeutic health benefits.

TA contains several of these compounds shown to have aphrodisiac properties and to increase testosterone levels.

According to an article published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, properly standardized Tongkat Ali (TA) stimulates the release of free testosterone, improves sex drive, reduces fatigue, and improves well-being. In addition, ongoing studies have discovered cancer-fighting compounds in TA.

Tongkat Ali (TA) is also shown to improve our ability to build muscle, according to an article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. A pilot study was conducted on 14 healthy men half utilizing a placebo and the remaining supplementing with Tongkat Ali.

The study was performed over a 5-week period and those using TA showed the following results compared to the placebo group:

  • A significant increase in lean mass

  • A significant decrease in body fat percentage

  • A significant increase in strength

  • A significant increase in arm circumference

  • Superior muscle recovery 

Other animal research indicates increased testosterone with Tongkat Ali.

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