2. DO WHAT YOU WANT!做你想做!
  3. YOU,  UP!站起来!
  4. YOU CAN!你行的!


  1. Tongkat Ali is considered as a National Treasure, while other countries refer to it as Malaysia Ginshen.
  2. Selected, Aged, Wild Tongkat Ali raw root, through modern technology, 100% natural, safe and effective.
  3. Zero chemicals.
  4. Suitable for Vegetarians.

  1. Source of Masculinity, Power and Confidence..
  2. Reinforce healthy energy, improve endurance, enhance strength;
  3. Increase the quality, quantity and mobility of sperm;
  4. Promote blood circulation, boost power, increase vitality;
  5. Effective in treating gout through restraining synthesis of uric acid.

  1. Made in Singapore, following stringent rules and regulations.
  2. Manufactured in factories with GMP certification, with the whole manufacturing process carried out according to GMP requirements.
  1. Focus on Tongkat Ali specialized range, to be No.1.